Ira Moana - Genes of the Sea

Dr Libby Liggins, Marine Ecology


The Ira Moana Project is enabling a collaborative network of scientists to deliver a searchable metadatabase for the genetic and genomic data of New Zealand's biodiversity.


The Project aims to ensure the kaitiakitanga of our data, linking genetic sequences and biological samples with contextual information - such as location, habitat, and date of sampling events - creating opportunities for data synthesis, data re-use, and better data sovereignty.


By addressing "the metadata gap", and in particular, the georeferencing of genetic data, the Ira Moana Project hope to inform future research efforts of New Zealand's geneticists, biodiversity scientists, and conservation practitioners. In this way, the Ira Moana Project shares the vision of the Massey Geoinformatics Collaboratory.



Our Team

The Ira Moana Project Team are always looking for new network members who are committed to uploading metadata associated with genetic data to the Database, or want to make other contributions to the Project. For more information visit our web site at



Massey University, Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North, 4442, New Zealand

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